20 Trailblazers Leading the Way in all i do is work

I work, I buy clothes, I eat, I drink, I sleep. I think about nothing but work and work. I don’t stop to think about whether I am doing enough. I work, I work, I work, I work. I don’t do that stuff.

I have a point…

The phrase “I have a point” is a great one to emphasize how little you actually do. So while we’re all aware of the fact that no one has ever worked anywhere for any amount of time, that doesn’t mean we have to live without the constant reminder of what we’re doing to ourselves. That reminder, however, may not be the one that we’re actually paying for.

Work can be fun. It can be relaxing and productive. It can also be a form of torture. It can be a constant battle to earn enough money to keep yourself fed, clothed, and alive. In our case, our work, which is as much of a part of our life as our other activities, is the one thing we are constantly fighting to keep from coming between us.

I remember a time when making a little extra money seemed to be the best way for most of us to live. It was the golden age of our economy, when we could get a little bit of extra cash flowing into our bank accounts. It was a time when we felt completely free to buy anything we wanted, whenever we wanted it, and not worry about if our bills are going to get paid.

Yes, at the time we were so free. Our lives were easier, and we knew we could buy what we wanted without having to worry about whether our bills would ever get paid. No bills, no worries.

The time is NOW behind us. It’s time to get a new life.

We can always start anew, and we can start the journey. If we’re on the same page of life as one of us then we could all get on with a good life.

Our current life is not ours to live, it’s been taken away from us. There’s no going back to how things were, no going forward to what could be. Its time to make a new start. We can start anew, and start the journey. If were on the same page of life as one of us then we can all get on with a good life.

If someone were to just leave us, we wouldn’t have a life to go back to, so we wouldn’t have a place to go back to, so we wouldn’t have a reason to stay. It’s all very “life is a choice”. We’re all on the same page of life. We all have a place to go back to if we want to.

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