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I’m always going to appreciate dark humor jokes. I have a thing for the darker side of human nature, and humor is one of those things that can make my day even better.

Oh, I love dark humor jokes. I have a thing for dark humor because they get people talking and I enjoy getting those conversations started. Dark humor is usually about things that are usually off-limits, or situations that are usually taboo. For example, I’m not a huge fan of people saying “I can’t remember my last name,” but dark humor jokes are about people who can’t remember their full names.

The first time I saw the trailer for Deathloop was at the end of ‘A Thousand Ways to Die’. I loved it, and I’m going to love it too.

Oh, you have to stop laughing, this is so depressing, a man with no memory of being on Deathloop. No one actually knows how to kill these Visionaries, they just come into existence and wait for you. You can’t actually kill them because they’re too strong.

The trailer, as seen above, shows the party-goers on the island getting murdered in hilarious ways. As mentioned, it’s implied that Colt Vahn was once the head of security for the Visionaries in the past, but something bad apparently happened for him to be trying to murder them all.

In the trailer, I can’t quite recall which party-goers killed the Visionary, but it does seem right that they died at the last minute. You will see, the party-goers are all drunk, drunk, dead, dead, dead, dead. The main character in the trailer, like the two main characters in the original trailer, is shot, but the two main characters who were shot, the one who murdered the Visionaries, are actually the same person.

The trailer ends with Colt getting shot in the head (again) and the visionaries all dying. So Colt is now trying to kill the Visionaries, but he’s not the same person that killed the Visionaries. He’s still a psychotic party-guest. The final scene is a short glimpse of the main character, Colt Vahn, on top of a tower, with the Visionaries all dying.

Well, there’s some dark humor to be found in the trailer, but not much. The funny stuff comes from Colt’s character, and the actual gameplay. Colt is the first character who seems to have no idea that he’s on Deathloop, and he’s also the first character to feel the need to kill everyone at the same time. He also seems to be the only character with a sense of purpose.

When the trailer starts, Colt is going to be on Blackreef Island, and he decides to try and kill every Visionary. He needs to get them off the island and away from the Eye, so he sets a fire that is all about destroying the Eye. As you can probably tell, it does not end well for the Visionaries. He ends up killing them all and then has to try and kill the Eye without being spotted.

Colt’s entire reason in this game is to get on top of the Eye, and to do that he needs to kill as many Visionaries as he can. Also, it seems that he’s going to be a lot of fun in the gameplay. Most of his powers involve making people not notice him, but it seems like he can also use them to hide from people and people to him.

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