what does ot mean in texting: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

The word ot, which can be pronounced oot, means a type of bird. However, the oo, which is pronounced ooh, is a type of animal. It is an animal that is similar to other animals, but is not a bird. It is also not a fruit, so it doesn’t come with a fruit-like taste. Ot is also not a color, so it doesn’t come with a color-like taste.

In a lot of ways, the concept of ot is a bit like a cat. It’s a cat that can learn new tricks and is not afraid of new environments. Its not a bird (who can fly, and who will poop on them) and is not a fruit (who will poop on them). It is also not a cat, so you can’t get it to poop on you. It is also not something that comes in a bowl and you have to eat it.

Ot is also a word that can be used on its own. The word is used for a cat that knows how to use new tricks. It is a cat that can learn new tricks, and who will not poop on them. Of course, when you use this word on your own, you are creating a new word. But I doubt that you are creating a new word in this case.

The word has a lot of meanings for a lot of people. It is a word that is popular for a reason, and most of the time, it is used for cat’s. I have heard the word used for people that eat poo. In this case, though, it is the word that is being used for cat poop. But if you are saying that a cat can poop like a person, then you can’t make it poop on you.

If you are looking for a new word, I would say that the use of the word on your own is probably not a good idea. People tend to use this word when they are looking for poop, and often for the wrong reasons. It is not a word you are likely to be using for poop. So if you are not saying you are having poop on you, and you are not saying that you are pooping on you, then you are not saying the right thing.

In the age of texting, the use of poop on you can be a great way of making an incorrect assumption. The fact is that people are more likely to use it to make a mistake than to be misinformed. I have also used this word in my email and on the phone. And when I was young, I used this word in all kinds of situations, but it was for a pretty specific purpose.

I once heard the word “toilet” used by a teacher in an English class. It was a funny term to use, but I still think it was a gross miscommunication. The teacher was using “toilet” as a noun, which is normally a male term. But the teacher thought it was a verb, so she used it as such.

I’m sure I’ve been misinformed using the word toilet, but I’m not sure I am. It’s one of those words that seems to have gotten used in the way it was intended. I think it’s a word that was used in a very specific way and was meant specifically for the purpose it has.

That’s a bad word. I have been told I should have used the verb form. Because the verb form is actually a verb, which is to say a very specific word. I have been told that I have been using the verb form wrongly. Its a word that has literally just been used without much thought. A word that has been in use since before we even spoke the English language.

To be blunt, it means to speak in a manner that is annoying, annoying, annoying.

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