10 Best Mobile Apps for why can’t i add post to my instagram story

The problem is that Instagram allows users to add posts without the ability to control the story. This is the case for any story that has a “follow” button, and posts are not in the order that you would like them to show up in.

This is a very sad situation, but it’s also a very unfortunate limitation of Instagram. You can have your feed on Instagram and post to it without any issues, but adding a story to your feed will not show up on the feed unless you control it. I was able to add a post to my story because I used the “story” tab that Instagram puts on your profile.

The other ways to control your content are to post to Facebook and/or Twitter or make certain you subscribe to your feed.

Yes, you can add posts to your Instagram story, but when you actually hit that little add button, you are only allowed to post to your Instagram story, not your Facebook or Twitter feed. This is because Instagram has taken what is a great way to share content across social media platforms, and it has a strict restriction on what posts you can add. I personally am not a fan of this.

Instagram is a great way to share all sorts of content, but it also has a bunch of restrictions on what you can add to your Instagram Story. I think it is a great idea, but this restriction limits your ability to share a lot of things. For example, if you are a fan of something that you like in a certain game, you can only share that with followers who follow you.

Most of my friends are not into video games. They don’t like the fact that everyone they know is on Instagram and most have no interest in video games. I have a bunch of friends who are into gaming, but they are also not on Instagram, so I can’t link them up.

Well there is a restriction on this feature. What you can do is post a link to that game or a link to your stream. But the link should point to a place where people can actually find and follow you. If you are trying to post a link to a video game, you should first try to find the game that you are trying to link to, then follow your own stream, then post the link.

I think this is a fairly common restriction. It is probably part of the reason why some of the best games are on Facebook, where you can post a link to whatever you like, and let people find your stream and follow you. This makes the game very easy to find and follow once you are in a game. But it also makes finding many of the games harder than they would be on a social network.

This is a really good point and I agree. I think it is one of the reasons that Facebook is so popular, and why so few games are linked on Facebook. Although I do think that this is a good idea, since it is a way to help people find your game. If you post a link to your game stream on Facebook, it is much easier for people to find your game than the other way around.

The problem is that you have to make sure that you put a link in your game’s description. People have to click on the link to actually see the game. You can’t just say “Hey I found your game on Twitter” and let people click on it. It might be good if you could, but you can’t. If you want to attract people to your game, you need to tell them what they can do.

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